big gun

big gun
an important influential person

he thinks he's a big shot


she's a big deal in local politics


the Qaeda commander is a very big fish

Usage Domain: ↑colloquialism
Hyponyms: ↑knocker, ↑supremo

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: a person or factor of outstanding importance especially in some particular relation

a big gun in the diplomatic corps

ecology may be the big gun in the battle to keep the world's wild animals alive — W.A.Bridges

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an influential or important person or thing: He's a big gun in science.

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big gun UK US noun [countable] [singular big gun plural big guns] informal
a powerful or important person or group of people

They’ve hired a big gun to represent them in court.

Thesaurus: important and powerful person or peoplesynonym

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big gun,
U.S. Slang. an important person or thing.

* * *

n. informal a powerful or influential person

the first baseman and the center fielder were the big guns of that team

a significant or influential thing, esp. when presented as an ultimate means of persuasion

the blackmailer's big gun was the threat of photographs

informal an important or powerful person

* * *

informal : the most powerful people, companies, organizations, etc.

They called in the big guns to deal with the problem.

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ˌbig ˈgun 7 [big gun] noun (informal)
a person who has a lot of power or influence

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